lunes, 16 de septiembre de 2013

My yellow unicorn

My yellow unicorn is simply gone
Yesterday was around, and today ya se piró
Last time I saw him he was standing right there, by the fence
Was staring at my neighbor´s mare, and something was hanging there!

My yellow unicorn and I were really the best friends
Used to yell together “Give me five!”, how happy we were!
But now that he´s gone, no one is sadder than me
I am beginning to think that he is already in Miami

And I only had one yellow unicorn
(He used to be blue, but René, you know...)
Now I would like to have two, three, four, maybe more
And give one to Amaury and Kiki, and one to Raúl!

My yellow unicorn is simply gone
Pal carajo, se fueeeeeee

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